Newcastle got their man

Or did they?

So Newcastle have appointed Steve Bruce to replace Rafa.

They have apparently got their man.  However we understand that Steve did not even make the original top 10 list.

What is it that has become so poisonous about this job?  Newcastle are a huge club with a huge following, with a fantastic ground and wonderful facilities.  They start the season with a clean slate in the best league in the World.

So why is it that they are unable to attract the managers that made it on to their top 10.  The media would have us believe it is the Ashley factor.  Maybe that is so, but they are still a huge club, with a huge and passionate following, with fantastic facilities.  Looking from the outside this is a perfect job.  As a manager you cannot lose....if the wheels fall off, then it's the Ashley factor, if you survive in the Premier League you will be seen to have done well and will keep the majority of supporters happy and if you actually do well in the Premier League and maybe get in a good cup run as well, then those amazing supporters will see you as a god.

So what about Steve Bruce?

First and foremost he is Newcastle through and through.  For Bruce this will be his dream job.  So that's a great start, he will want the same as the supporters and he will do everything in his power, as one of them, to deliver.

Second he has experience of managing in the top tier presiding over 300 games with various clubs; Birmingham, Wigan, Hull, Sunderland.  

Third he has experience of promotion from the Championship back to the Premier League.  He has achieved this twice before.  This could prove very useful should the worst happen for Newcastle in the 2019/20 season.

Forth he is not afraid to make wholesale changes in order the deliver success.  He did this with Newcastle's rivals Sunderland.

Fifth he is not a quitter, although Steve has walked out on many positions, when backed he does not a quit.

Sixth he has been a winner as both a manager and a player at the top level.  He know what it takes to win and fundamentally he is a winner.

Seventh he has been the almost man with Newcastle for the past 15 years....many times over the past his name has been in the mix when it has come to the vacancy at Newcastle.  

Maybe this time Newcastle really did get their man!