Latest Transfer Market Spending in the Premier League

It's been a funny summer transfer window.

Spending this summer (2019) for the Premier League has been an odd one.  Currently spending levels are way below the norm yet the prices that players are being brought and sold for are considerably higher.

This could lead to some last minute panic buys....Maguire, Pogba, Zaha and what about Gareth Bale?

So as at today - 26th of July this is what the big boys have spent this spending order.

 Aston Villa £127.0m the new boys top the charts so far.....remember Fulham last year?
 Leicester £78.0m  Looks like Leicester are making a move for Europe. 
 West Ham £69.0m  Another club looking at that final European place. 
 Man City £67.9m  More to come we are sure but still make the top 4! 
 Tottenham £66.5m More to come from Spurs as they have been promised funds from the new shirt sponsorship.  Could this be Spurs year?
 Man United £65.0m  Keeping a very close eye on their local rivals.  Man United likely to loose at least one big player before the summer is out. 
 Southampton £49.0m  They had a bad season last year.  Looking at investing to bounce back. 
 Wolves £45.0m  A very good season for Wolves.  We would think investment for consolidation. 
 Chelsea £40.2m  With a transfer ban odd to see any spend but this was secured prior to the ban. 
 Newcastle £40.0m  Lets see if Bruce is given a decent kitty as promised 
 Arsenal £33.0m Not what is seems as this spend includes £27m for Saliba who was then immediately loaned back to Saint-Etienne.  Arsenal continue to dither in the transfer market.
 Everton  £30.5m  Mid table spend for a mid table club.  Could be though they land Zaha.
 Sheffield Utd  £26.0m  They have been busy but not breaking the Premier League bank.  Broke a few of their own records. 
 Brighton £22.5m  They need to invest deep unless they want a repeat of last season. 
 Bournemouth  £17.0m  More about who they can keep for Bournemouth. 
 Burnley  £11.5m  It's been quiet so far for Burnley, we expect more to come. 
 Watford  £5.5m  Got a few loans in but need more from them if they are to push for the top 10 again. 
 Norwich  £3.6m  Very quite for last seasons Championship champions.  They have been very cautious.  Will be interesting to see if this moves over the final two weeks. 
 Crystal Palace   £2.5m  Difficult for Crystal Palace.  They are likely to sell over £100m of players.  We assume they are trying to hold out but could be a mistake. 
 Liverpool £1.3m  Now this is a surprise.  The Champions League winners and Premier League runners up bottom of the spending far! 

At this stage we would have expected more deals done but we are sure it will all happen over the final weeks.

Some of the smaller clubs could be in for a rude awakening.  We see problems for Palace and we are not sure about the approach from Villa.  This failed dismally for Fulham last season.

We will complete the full spend list after the transfer window closes.  It will be interesting to compare against the spend to date.