About us

Who is footballwinners?

Footballwinners is a trading name of Pick10 Ltd.

Pick10 Ltd is privately owned company that has created many prediction based games all around the theme of picking results from a list of fixtures.

Footballwinners, the game, when originally launched on-line in 2007 was a remote (on-line) football pools based game. It was and still is the only on-line gaming site solely dedicated to the football fan.  All the footballwinners games are unique to Pick10 Ltd.

Since 2010 footballwinners has continued to be present but has only enabled games to be played on the basis of fun. Over the coming years footballwinners will offers multiple pools based games on a lottery style basis where the pot will roll over if no one manages to select all the winners.  Footballwinners will also continue to provide games for fun and the latest news, views and opinions.  All of which are aimed at the avid football fan. 

The basis of the all the games are to pick winners, losers, scorers, teams, players, managers etc from a list that is chosen by footballwinners.  Footballwinners will continue to provide three core games which are unique to footballwinners and various custom games, which are also unique to footballwinners.  Both the core games and custom games will initially only be available to play for fun.