Should football return?

Is it right that football is planning to return?

At the time of writing it would seem that in England at least football is looking to make a return (behind closed doors) to complete the season for both the Premier League and the Championship.

Is this right?  Should football really be allowed to return?  Is it safe and what risk does it create for others and the health service?

One issue that we have is the inconsistency throughout Europe.  We were of the understanding that all football in the World was controlled by FIFA.  Clearly that is not the case as FIFA has not set any rules or and guidelines or offered any kind of assistance.

The inconsistencies:

  • Netherlands - all competition ended - void season
  • Germany - back and playing!
  • Italy planning to come back
  • Premier League back in training (non contact)
  • Championship planning to come back next week (w/c 25th May 2020)
  • League one - currently debating
  • League two - ended and promotions based on average points but no relegation
  • Non League - ended waiting on EFL decision.....
  • Scottish Premier ended with Hearts relegated and Celtic named champions

For us we are concerned that decisions being taken by the Premier League and the Championship are blinkered by the TV monies.  The decisions do not seem to consider the wellbeing of players, players families, football club staff and families, the wider public and most worryingly the NHS.

We are disappointed that it was not possible to agree a worldwide protocol and even more so disappointed that it was not possible for UK football to agree a protocol.

We feel this is all about TV revenues and the fat cats involved in Premier League and Championship football.

We are as disappointed, as we are sure every other football fan is, with the pause of football since March but we believe for the health, wellbeing and integrity of the sport that the only solution would be to void the season and then delay the 2020/21 season until it is truly safe to start.  On that basis the only country to follow this is the Netherlands!

Today, 21st May the EFL has announced : Promotion and relegation to remain if seasons curtailed.  Come on what a joke.  We can see many a court case if that is the path taken....and what about the Premier League...that assumes that is not curtailed.  These decisions should be all for one and one for all.  It seems it is every league for is making a mockery out of the game.


We hear the moans and groans regarding the future of clubs, being able to survive etc.  Well what about the millions of people that have lost their jobs? The thousands of businesses that have had to shut.  Why is football immune?  We love football but why does football seem to think it should be immune from those things that effect those of us in the real world.

We have been frustrated with footballers and football owners throughout the period of lock down.  Particularly those greedy players in the Premier League who refused on mass to accept a 30% reduction in pay for three months.  Sorry guys, disgraceful.  You should have fallen on your swords and taken a three month pay holiday for the wellbeing of those that actually pay your wages!  While many of us are working from home, furloughed, home schooling and not sure of our futures, why should football be immune? This will come back to haunt football and footballers.

We are disappointed that GREED in the UK has prevented the right decision from being made.  We hope that this does not come back and bite us all at a later date.  We are sure that this will end up changing football forever.  Many will see the GREED for what it is and take action by not digging deep to help football and footballers in the future.