Premier League 2019 / 20 Predictions

Fancy making Premier League predictions before a ball has been kicked and way before the transfer window is closed?

July has come around and we are all thinking about the start of the new season.

So who are your predictions for this seasons Premier League Champions and who going to be making the trip down to or maybe back to the Championship?

Never easy to predict.  Will Man City make it a third in a row?  Will Liverpool make it that one step further or maybe Man United will make a return to the top under the guidance of Ole Gunner Solskjar?

We still have lots to happen in the transfer marketing and I am certain before the window closes we will see a few surprises and a few shocks.

So what are our predictions?

  1. Liverpool         -  yes we think this is the year for them.  So close last year we think they will have enough to go all the way.
  2. Man City           -  we think teams are beginning to work them out and counter their attacking place.  Still second for us.
  3. Man United     -  lots of noise in the transfer market and seems the right players are behind Ole.  Could be the start of the revival.
  4. Arsenal             -  a surprise to many......lets wait and see!
  5. Tottenham     -  not sure that they will run the course and cannot see the right movements in the transfer market
  6. Chelsea            - so for us still the same top six but Chelsea propping it up.  With the transfer embarbo and the inexperience of Frank this feels the best they can achieve.
  7. Leicester        -  The best of the rest.  They will lose Harry but they are buying well and have a good manager.  Might even  pip Chelsea for sixth.
  8. West Ham        -  We think they will make the inroads that were expected last year.
  9. Wolves              -   A manager who has now gained a season and a pretty good squad.  Don't believe they will achieve the heights of last season.  
  10. Everton            -  Our top 10 has Everton...just.
  11. Southampton -  just outside the top 10 for us.  
  12. Watford             - if they can stick and twist in the transfer market should be fine.
  13. Bournemouth  - Eddie is too shrewd a manager to see Bournemouth go down. As long as he stays......
  14. Burnley              - Another one with an experienced Premier League Manager that we believe will have just enough.
  15. Newcastle       - It will be another messy season but should just make it!
  16. Sheff United   - We think they will surprise and they have a fantastic manager.
  17. Crystal Palace - Losing their star players may take them down.  We have them surviving...just.
  18. Brighton           - Poor decision with their manager and will regret it.
  19. Aston Villa       - too much for them to survive in our opinion.
  20. Norwich            - might have topped the championship last year but for us favourites to return. 

Only time will tell.

For us the usual suspects at the top but a change of order.  We see two clubs going straight back to the Championship and Sheff United being the season surprise.