Championship Predictor 2019 / 2020

So who will be the big winners and who will be the big losers in this seasons Championship?

For us it is pre season prediction times.

Still plenty to happen in the transfer market but who do we think are going to be heading to the promised land and who will be dropping down to League one?

The up coming 2019/ 2020 season see's Huddersfield, Cardiff and Fulham all making returns back down to the Championship, while we see Luton, Charlton and Barnsley all bouncing back up.  For Luton and Charlton it has been a long absence with Luton having to experience the indignity of non league football since they were last in the Championship.

The bookies believe Leeds will make it across the line this time with Barnsley & Charlton both down as an immediate return to League one.

So what are our predictions?

1st Fulham We felt they had too much to come down.  Poor management early on.  They have too much for the rest this time and straight back to the promised land.
2nd West Brom A change of manager should see them make the transition from nearly men.
3rd Bristol City Yes, I know, bias.....but genuinely believe we will top the play offs.  Not enough for automatic.
4th Leeds For me they will still not have enough to make it all the way.  
5th Stoke We think with a full season under his belt this is the time for Stoke to show their undoubted class.
6th Sheff Wednesday Who would count against Steve?  We think they will sneak the final play off spot.
7th Swansea We saw how good they were at the end of last season.  Lots happening off the pitch but we think they will impress.
8th Cardiff Neils last season as a football manager to end in disappointment.
9th Brenford Too good a footballing team not to be there or there about's.
10th  Middlesbrough Missed out last year and this year we believe they have fallen behind. 
11th Derby  Lots of loans enabled them to punch above their weight.  A poor side last season will struggle this time. 
12th Huddersfield  On the way down.  Enough quality to keep them mid table this time around. 
13th Luton  On the up.  A safe and secure season ready for a challenge in 2020 / 2021. 
14th Preston  Strong and steady.  Not enough for automatic but will prove difficult to beat. 
15th Reading  We believe this season will start the beginning of a revival for Reading. 
16th Millwall   Good, well managed club and team.
17th Notts Forest  More shenanigans at Forest will hold them back again. 
18th Blackburn  Too big for relegation....surely! 
19th Wigan  On their day a great team and difficult to beat.  Enough to keep them another season. 
20th Charlton  Welcome back to Charlton and we think a safe season back in the Championship. 
21st Barnsley  We think they will have enough to fight another season. 
22nd Hull   Hull really should have seen the writing on the wall.
23rd Birmingham   Another club not being well managed that we believe will suffer the consequences.
24th QPR  This season's Ipswich.  Some bad decisions will cost them their place in the Championship.


We shall see how close we are.  We have some shocks with three big clubs dropping and we see Fulham bounce back and taking WBA with them.

Only time will tell.