Club Football v International

Who comes out on top?

So what is best?

Who would win the viewers vote?

With all of us who follow the top two tiers on English Club Football having a two week sabbatical while the Internationals do there thing we wanted to find out what the real football supporter thinks.

We know that many passionate a club supporter are more worried about their players coming back injured than they are the result of their favorite international team.
If we look at our local internationals over the past two weeks did they get you excited?
Last nights 8 goal 'thriller' was entertaining although pretty sure most of us would think our club could have defended a 5-1 lead better than England did.
We are all for the international break and we of course do understand the need however, the power of club football these days is bigger than it ever was. Financially the gap between club and country is bigger than it ever was.

From our findings from those that follow top clubs in the Premier League and a few from the Championship it was a resounding club football first.

If we round this down statistically to create a score we had it as follows:

Club Football - 5

International Football  - 1

Now that is a very big and a resounding win for Club football.

For what it is worth we at Footballwinners have missed the buzz of the club football and the noise from the different supporters from the different clubs.

You cannot beat club football.

Come on Friday.....can't wait!