Chelsea got their man!

Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Boss

So Frank Lampard is back to Chelsea as the Head Coach after only a single season in Management at Derby County in the Championship.

Having witness at first hand his approach to match day management at the game against Bristol City on the 27th April this year (2019) I was not impressed.

I guess only time will tell.  It might be a good thing for Frank that he starts his tenure at Chelsea with a transfer ban as it will give him the chance to make use of some of the excellent youth that in the past has been ignored at Chelsea.

I keep reading plaudits for Frank and what was achieved at Derby....odd that when the last manager was sacked for achieving the same, sneaking in the back door of the playoffs.  

I had Frank down for a casualty in the Championship in the 2019/20 season as from what I witnessed I felt Derby and Frank would struggle.  In some ways for Frank moving to Chelsea he's on a winning ticket.  If successful, the best decision ever and the best manager at Chelsea since Mourinho.  If not, well what could he do under the two term transfer ban?

Whatever happens nobody can ever take away what Frank achieved as a player and I am certain the youth at Chelsea will love having a manager like Frank that they will look up to and can relate too in terms of what they will be hoping to achieve.

Genuinely wish Frank well at Chelsea and will be watching with great interest as the season progress's.  I hope the transfer ban will bring youth back to a side that has been lacking over the past decade.