The maddest weekend of Football

Did you predict that?

One of those times when FACT was stranger than Fiction.

If we were told on the same day Man United would lose 6-1 after being 1-0 in the first minute and two hours later Liverpool had just lost 7-2 against Aston Villa.....we would have said b***s***.  Fake news!

What a day for Football.  What does this mean for the season ahead?

For us the Premier League needs shaking up....we all want to see a league where anyone can beat anyone and what is better than seeing two of the top clubs ship 13 goals in a single weekend!

How did the crazy results impact on our Pick10 for the weekend?

See our results for the week...

  • Team entered: Arsenal Points: 3
  • Team entered: Blackburn Rovers Points: 0
  • Team entered: Brentford Points: -3
  • Team entered: Bristol City Points: 3
  • Team entered: Everton Points: 3
  • Team entered: Leicester City Points: -3
  • Team entered: Liverpool Points: -3
  • Team entered: Luton Town Points: 3
  • Team entered: Norwich City Points: -3
  • Team entered: Tottenham Hotspur Points: 3

Brentford catching us out losing at home against Preston, Leicester getting thumped at home by West Ham (another crazy result), Liverpool of course getting hammered by Villa and Norwich falling to a Wayne Rooney Free kick against the run of play.  We actually had Spurs to turnover Man United and we kept faith in Bristol of the league now and unbeaten!

International break....time for us all catch our breath after what has been a mad crazy start to the Covid-19 influenced 2020/21 season......

The next game closes 18th October....don't forget to make your Picks....