Football Predictions 231020

Our 10 footballWINNERS

Last week was not too bad a week for our football predictions.

We managed to get 5 winners correct, 4 draws and only the one loss.  This giving us a total of 12 pts on the BEST PICKS game for the week.

  • Brentford Points: 3
  • Bristol City Points: 0
  • Leicester City Points: -3
  • Liverpool Points: 0
  • Manchester City Points: 3
  • Middlesbrough Points: 0
  • Millwall Points: 3
  • Tottenham Hotspur Points: 0
  • Watford Points: 3
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers Points: 3

Next week Football Predictions:

  • Nottingham Forest to win the local derby against...Derby.
  • Arsenal to win.
  • Aston Villa to surprise us all, maintain their 100% start and shock LEEDS!
  • Brighton to win.
  • Fulham to get their first win on the board in the London derby against Crystal Palace.
  • Liverpool to win.
  • Wolves to win.
  • Bristol City (heart over head) to win and get the season back on track against Swansea.
  • Norwich City to win.
  • Reading to maintain their unbeaten start with another win, this week against Rotherham.

 Let's see how well we do this weekend...10 winners for footballWINNERS?

How well do YOU know football?